About Us


Cassey is best known for her talents in communicating with horses, specialising in rehabilitating abused and aggressive examples. Alongside this, she holds clinics at UK events, and has had various magazine spreads and global interviews in the past. Cassey gained her horse communication knowledge from generations of horse training, as well as working and residing at various horse ranches in Kentucky, USA. As a child, she was fascinated by her grandparent’s coin collection and throughout the years built up a wealth of knowledge on the subject. She has a private collection of milled and hammered coins, a proportion of which were inherited from her relatives.

The Next Step

Cassey then built a finance company in the UK named Hamilton Stud Finance, a trading name of her main company Rocky Mountain Horse UK, governed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 715851. Cassey came to a decision that she would like to now dedicate some more time to her passion for history and coinage by introducing Josephine Coins Limited.

“I Find it Fascinating”

“Coins of the British Empire, and in turn, coins of the Commonwealth of nations, have always fascinated me since a child. My grandfather would say to me, ‘hold that coin in your hand, where do you think it's been, what do you think it has seen?'... and then we would make up stories as to the journey of the coin. Soon after I began collecting coins, always
looking at dates and wondering if it was a person's first coin, their last coin or maybe a coin that saved a life … coins have been through it all and I find it fascinating.”

– Cassey

Promoting the Fascination

Whether you collect for collectability, investments, precious metals, or to pass on to future generations, Josephine Coins Ltd intend to promote the attraction found in coins and tokens, and how coins mark remembrances of historic events, monarchies, and of course the evolution of different kinds of monies throughout the centuries.

Our Commitment to You

Team members at Josephine Coins have an obligation to meet customer care standards within our company. Cassey’s grandfather had clients of whom were coin collectors and enthusiasts which were always very close. In the time way back, when he had a small town dealership, he always made sure the customers were treated like friends. Nowadays, in the age of telephone sales and virtual terminals, a lot of customers don’t have the face to face interaction but nevertheless, Cassey emphasises that it is always important to remember, although we speak to some clients virtually, service standards are to be adhered to for all clients and potential clients. At Josephine Coins Ltd, we are available 6-days-a-week to help with coin queries, and have a small sales team ready to help. We also source coins for clients or purchase full collections on occasion.

Our Compliance

Josephine Coins are PCI DSS compliant, which means the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards certify us as secure. 

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