ANA Club

The American Numismatic Association is a non profit Organisation dedicated to the study of Numismatics & Coin Collection


Bridging the Gap

Josephine Coins, one of London's youngest numismatic dealers,

are thrilled to begin a great new relationship with the American

Numismatic Association

The ANA is the world's largest numismatic association, a brilliant non-profit educational organisation devoted to the collection and study of coins. Their focus on education, through courses and the incredible Money Museum in Colorado Springs, makes them a perfect associate for Josephine Coins, a London-based dealership with a passion for the history of coins. Our founder, Cassey Morris, has now been appointed as the ANA's first official International District Representative for the Unite Kingdom, which is a momentous development in international Numismatics.

We at Josephine Coins believe that communication between collectors (and dealers) around the world is the key to keeping the numismatic hobby going, and to preserving world coin heritage. Forging closer ties across the Atlantic is sure to benefit collectors around the world!

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