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How to Display and Preserve Your Coin Collection

The most valuable coins are hard to find. You couldn’t just acquire them from the change you get from malls and shops. Well, except when you’re that lucky.


That is why when coin collectors have these rare pieces at the palm of their hands, they invest in coin displays and preserve these round metals to maintain their overall look and value. If you are new to coin collecting, we will help you store, display, and protect your coins by providing you with the information you need about the process.


Coin Displays: Where to Store or Display Your Collection?

While some people prefer to keep their coins safe from intruders, others want to display them to showcase their collection. Regardless, here are your options for storing and displaying your rare and valuable coins.


Safest Places to Store Your Coins

Bedroom: One of the safest places in your house is probably your bedroom. No matter where you are during the day, you will always end up in your bedroom to rest for the day after. Storing your coins in your bedroom allows you to check on your collection anytime you want to. Moreover, the bedroom always tends to have a comfortable temperature and humidity level, eliminating the chances of your coins getting damaged.


Portable Vault Box or Safe: Placing your coins in a vault or safe at your home and office is also a good choice. This way, you can store your coins safely. When you do so, remember to put a silica gel pack to absorb the moisture.


Safe Deposit Box: You can trust the bank in keeping your coin collection safe. This option may be the best one when it comes to protecting your coins from robbers. However, this can be pretty expensive, and there may be a slight risk of moisture exposure since bank vaults emit water vapour if there is fire.


Metal Cabinets: To ensure that your coins are preserved, it is best to store them in metal cabinets instead of those that are made of wood. Why could that be? Manufacturers usually coat these wood cabinets with chemicals that may damage your coins. Also, see to it that the location of the cabinet does not produce moisture.


Best Options for Displaying Your Coin Collection

Whitman Folder: Whitman coin boards, albums, and folders are widely used materials by coin collectors. It is a blue cardboard that contains statistics and other important details about the antique and rare coins. After placing your coins in their designated punch holes, make sure to keep them away from sunlight, heat, oil, and water.


Dansco-Style Albums: A combination of a sophisticated and professional look, this album comes in a brown leatherette binder stamped with gold lettering of the coin it contains. This type of album allows you to view both sides of the coin.


Coin Albums: Like the usual photo albums, this type of coin storage supply has multiple pages with holes where you can place your coins. The slots have mylar strips that protect the coins and allow viewers to check out both sides of each piece. When using coin albums, be careful with placing and removing the coins to avoid leaving a mark on the material.


Coin Slab Holders: If you want to have individual storage space for your coins, you can use coin slab holders. This material will give your coin the best protection since your coins are enclosed with an acrylic case. In addition, it comes in over thirty sizes that will perfectly fit your valuable and antique coins.


2 x 2 Coin Holders: Another option for individual coin displays is 2 x 2 coin holders. You can store a cent, dime, quarter, silver dollars, and more using this material.


Keeping Your Coin Collection Safe from Damages

Aside from protecting your coins, you also have to preserve them to maintain their optimal condition. Here are the measures you can take for your coin collection:


⦁ If you prefer to store your coins in your house, make sure to keep them away from your kitchen or bathroom because these places are prone to heat and high levels of moisture and humidity, which will damage your coins.
⦁ When holding the coin, try not to touch its front and back portions. Instead, aim for the edges. This is to avoid the oils, acids, or water of your skin to be in contact with the pieces.
⦁ Wash your hands before holding your coins.
⦁ Don’t remove your coins from their capsules or special holders.
⦁ It is best to hold the coin over a microfiber cloth or a soft pad.
⦁ Having coin collecting supplies like folders, albums, magnifying glasses, gloves, and proper lighting materials will help keep your coins protected. Once you become more experienced in coin collecting, you may want to have advanced supplies like a digital scale, coin cataloguing software, and stereomicroscope.


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