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    28/05/2021 - Josephine Coins
    Top 5 Most Valuable Coins in the World

    Coins are essential in our day to day lives. Without them, you might not be able to buy that cup of coffee that propels you for the day or make that purchase at your favorite shop. Throughout our history, they have driven individuals to purchase and trade and make their lives better. But like everything else, coins go through cycles, too. And did you know that not all coins are created equally?

    As it turns out, some coins are more valuable than others. Coins with historical significance are now sold for jaw-dropping amounts of money. But it is not only their significance that plays a part. You may be curious as to how and why some coins are better than others, that’s why we have written this article as a guide. Who knows? You might have some treasure troves hidden in old trinket jars just waiting to be rediscovered!

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  • Our varied selection of Sovereigns
    30/05/2018 - Josephine Coins
    Gold Sovereign Coins, Modern & Historical Varieties

    Call Us for a wider stock selection. . .

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  • 23/05/2018 - Josephine Coins
    Wondering what the perfect gift might be for a coin collector?

    Sometimes trying to buy gifts can be hard, especially when that person has quite select taste and hobbies. Our gift shop may very well offer the perfect gift! Visit us at or call us on 020 3897 2252 and we will be happy to help.

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  • Spink's is the go-to reference guide for numismatists.
    04/04/2018 - Josephine Coins
    Josephine Coins 2019 Spink Catalogue is the go-to reference guide for numismatists.

    In two volumes of over 700 pages, the 2019 edition is an invaluable guide to market prices and availability of every British coin, dating back to the earliest Celtic coins.

    Order from Josephine Coins to get your Spink's 2018 two-volume reference set today for only £30.00 from our gift shop or by calling us on 020 8115 3997 

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  • 22/03/2018 - Josephine Coins
    Good luck gifts for the happy day .

    . . ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’

    Please visit our gift shop to purchase and for further gift ideas for the special day!

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