Passing through

the Hands of Time

Our Historic Coins are available to purchase in different grades depending on your requirements

Elizabeth I Shilling

Elizabeth I Shilling


Sterling Silver Elizabethan coins . . .

Sterling silver Shillings were struck at the Tower of London for Elizabeth I from 1558 to 1562, and again from 1582 to 1602, and some milled silver Shillings were struck experimentally in 1560 and 1561.
In keeping with the return to high silver content in coins of Edward VI’s reign, Elizabethan shillings are composed of 92.5% silver.



The First Modern Sovereign . . .

The Sovereign was retired in 1604, and reintroduced in 1817 under the great recoinage of George III. The new Gold Sovereign saw the debut of Benedetto Pistrucci's now-iconic engraving of St George and the Dragon.
This is a very special Sovereign, and a must-have for any collector.
22ct gold, 7.98 g

we have other grades available at lower prices.

Within our historic selection, you’ll find a collection of mostly British coins which date back to before the turn of the Millennium. If what you are searching for is not here, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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