2018 1 oz Silver ​Pegasus Coin

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This 2018 1 oz Frosted Silver coin is a very attractive coin to add to any coin collection. Horses are very stunning and majestic creatures but the famous world wide symbol of Greek mythology. The Pegasus symbol has created inspiration for hope, power, strength and joy to the human race for years. In World War 2, British paratroopers were empowered by the Pegasus symbol and used this mythical creature of the gods on their uniform. The air battle of the famous warrior on Pegasus's back gave inspiration and hope our very own paratroopers arriving to the global air battle (WWII).

Reverse design is Frosted 999. Silver Bullion which gives a stunning magical effect of the rearing Pegasus. The obverse features the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Coin diameter is 38.60 mm with a weight of  1 oz.

Limited Mintage of just 50,000 for world wide distribution.

Available in multiple quantities. Please contact us for details before the stock runs out.