1817 King George III Half Crown

Grades: MS 62

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King George III 1817 Half Crown - Small Head.

During King George's reign there was a large transition in the currency denominations. With the effect of the Napoleonic wars following the American War of independence, the were great changes and decisions being made with regards to the replacement of paper money, reserving some shortages of gold and silver. Tokens and private tokens were issued.

In 1812, the move of location for the Tower of London Mint to reform at Tower Hill, was made official and a new re-coinage was put in place.

This Half Crown is truly Special and has maintained a great standard of condition. Graded by the NGC as MS62, the coin along with others minted around 1816-1820 (the later part of King George's Reign) was and is a piece of significant change in numismatic history.