1818 George III Full Silver Crown

Grades: Extremely Fine

Coin Edge: Inscribed Edge

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A fine piece of Regency silver . . .
As part of the “Great Recoinage” of 1816, a new range of silver coins was introduced to Britain.
From 1816, the Half-Crown, Shilling and Sixpence were introduced, while the full Silver Crown, with the St George & the Dragon image on the reverse, was first issued in 1818.

This coin depicts King George with the laureate head on the obverse and St George and the Dragon within the garter.

The edge has a raised inscription which is generally inscribed with: ANNO REGNI LIX DECUS ET TUTAMEN (59th year of reign with honour and security).

Different variations are available of this coin with edge inscription errors. Our coin is LVIII, an EF example

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