1847 Plain Edge Proof Gothic Crown

Grades: Proof

Coin Edge: Plain Edge

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1847 Plain Edge Proof Gothic Crown
Eight thousand gothic crowns dated 1847 were minted of this design, but only small batches of plain edge proof crowns were produced making them very rare indeed. The lettering on these crowns are of gothic style lettering just adding to is design. Gothic Crowns were minted in 1847 and again in 1853. Two very special artists to Queen Victoria was William Wyon (1795-1851) and William Dyce (1806-1864) of whom both worked together to produce this portrait in the early reign of Queen Victoria. The designed coin is purely a beautiful gothic portrait and is one of the most precious designs among serious collectors. The fine detail on the obverse and reverse of the coin make it spectacularly fabulous and is one of my favourite coins. It’s it hard to find such a beautifully rainbow toned crown which adds to it beauty. The planchet for the production of this coin was specially prepared because it is a Proof Coin. The gothic crown is slabbed and officially graded by the PCGS as PR61. There is only 4 other PR61 grade to the PCGS.
Another unique attribute to this example is it’s variety:
Esc-2578 N/ Invert N UNITA Plain Edge

small ww incuse on truncation
Latin inscription: Victoria dei gratia
Victoria by the Grace of God
Queen of the United Kingdom Defender of the Faith
Engraver: William Wyon

Crowned cruciform shields of England, Scotland and Ireland with national flowers in angles
Latin inscription:
tueatur unita deus
anno dom mdcccxlvii
May God protect these United Kingdoms
In the year of our Lord 1847
Engraver: William Dyce