1859 Ansell Sovereign Error E/F in DEF

Coin Edge: Reeded/Milled Edge

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This Queen Victoria young head design full shield sovereign was named The Ansell Sovereign because it was a sovereign struck as an experiment by George Frederick Ansell. After experimental attempts, George created a gold sovereign much more resilient against pressure compared with the original sovereigns. This experiment with the gold mixture was very successful and a distinguishing feature to identify this unique sovereign is to see the extra ribbon line at the bottom of her alice band/ribbon in her hair.

This example of the Ansel is EXTREMELY SPECIAL due to the fact it has an unrecorded die error. If you look closely I have identified E over F in DEF. Spinks of London are now aware of the existence of this and after a committee meeting have agreed that it will feature in the new 2019 Coinage of England book.

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