1887 Queen Victoria Double Florin Arabic 1

Grades: Extremely Fine

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A unique piece of work in Victorian silver...
This unusual coin is one of the most beautiful pieces of Victorian silver, and can be tricky to source in good condition. The double florin was very short lived. The coin was only minted between 1887-1890. Our Double Florin is slabbed and officially graded as Extremely Fine. The newly introduced design of the 1887 jubilee bust has great detail with the Arabic 1 in the date. We have also in stock the Roman I version of the Double Florin, which was an error and shortly corrected with the Arabic 1 which adds to the collectibility of both examples.
This example has the obverse depicting the jubilee bust with inscription VICTORIA DEI GRATIA (Victoria by grace of god) and reverse depicts the crowned cruciform shields with 2 sceptres at angles with inscription FID DEF BRITT REG date (
The talented Joseph Boeham designed the obverse. The reverse was designed by
Leonard Charles Wyon.
22.6 g