1913 George V Ottawa Mint Sovereign

Grades: Extremely Fine

Mint Mark: Canada

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A Rare and Beautiful Coin from the Ottawa Mint . . .
Ottawa Mint Sovereigns were minted between 1908 and 1919 at the Ottawa Mint (today a branch of the Royal Canadian Mint). They were commissioned by the royal mint to strike sovereigns on request. When sovereigns were requested, it was usually for export purposes, with a "C" Mintmark on the reverse (above the date) to show that the coin was struck in Canada.
The 1913 Ottawa Mint sovereign is one of the more rare and sought after by all types of collectors, as mintage numbers that year were very low following gold shortages, hence why many dealers far and wide struggle to acquire this particular piece. A coin that has grown in value and rarity over the last few years, this is a must for any collector.

Being so rare we only have one example available which is in EF grade.
22ct gold, 7.98 g