2017 The Lion Dollar (Lion Daalder)

Grades: Brilliant Uncirculated

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The Dutch Lion image is one of the longest-running coin designs in history.

This restrike celebrates the coin from which the modern dollar gets its name, Known as the "Daalder", the original coin was widely circulated throughout the Netherlands and its colonies as a frequently used denomination. Among those colonies was New Amsterdam, which has since become New York.

The lion dollar became the coin of choice for foreign trade and circulated throughout the Middle East and Europe. It was also popular in the Dutch East Indies.

Lion Dollars were bought to British America via many types of trade and transactions (including Pirates). 

With a history of more than 400 years, The Royal Dutch Mint presents a 2017 1 oz Brilliant Uncirculated Lion Dollar re-strike with a limited mintage of 25,000 coins, which marks the Anniversary of the original design used in 1617.

Obverse: is an armored standing knight with a sash. in front of his legs rests a shield bearing a lion in what is known as the rampant position (this lion is found on both the Dutch and Belgian coat of arms). Within two circles of bead work, the text reads : MO. ARG. PRO. CONFOE. BELG.TRA. (Translated means THE NEW SILVER COIN ACCORDING TO THE LAW OF THE PROVENCE OF THE NETHERLANDS, ULTRECHT).

Reverse: A climbing/rearing heraldic lion in a larger size. Two circles of bead work embracing the text : CONFIDENS.DNO.NON.MOVETVR. (Translated is WHOM TRUSTS IN THE LORD SHALL NOT STRAY.2017).

Guaranteed by The Royal Dutch Mint.

Limited Mintage

Silver 1 Troy oz Fineness .999